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Join us from June through August as we explore some of the tech world's newest gadgets and topics. We will be covering everything from drone tech to computer programming doing so in-depth and hands-on.

Winter Camp


We're already excited about Winter Camps! Our camp days are always extra magical; maybe it's the time of year and the warm and friendly environment our superstar camp teams create, or it's because of pleasant atmosphere! In addition to our exhilarating programmes of technologies and coding, Santa's grotto opens at various times and days during our Winter Camp season. As with all mystical beings, we can't guarantee where or when Santa will drop gifts.

Day Camp


Figuring out how to spend holidays can be challenging, but coding day camp can be a great way to keep your kids learning through their time away from school. We have goal-oriented curriculum, providing kids with plenty of opportunities to work on projects – e.g. modding items, creating new textures or creating mobs and new creatures. These projects and activities will keep kids interested and maximize their opportunities for learning more complex coding!


CAM EDU Spring Break Camp helps campers improve on Coding and Technology. If you’re in need of childcare, we’ll be holding Minecraft-themed special workshops, online and in-person. Leave all the work to us on a day of reverence and relaxation, while your child gains a highly valuable programming experience through a game they love!

Spring Break Camp
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