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At CAM Educational Services, we hope the small steps we take will bring together students of different cultures and ideologies to be able to continue to learn and excel at whatever they do no matter their situation. 

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We believe that promoting the welfare of others is a necessary step to take to be able to give back to our community. We have donated over $20,000 to the Millbrae Education Foundation. With this relationship, we were able to become the ONLY Diamond donor for MEF. We also were able to support schools in the area by providing multiple items necessary for STEM learning like 3D printers​



We have been lucky enough to be able to provide over 30 weeks of summer camp for free in the past year for our community in the Millbrae and Pacifica District. We hope to continue to be able to provide students with this fun experience while learning all about STEM! We also have been able to provide FREE workshops so anyone can get started learning about STEM

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Diversity &Inclusion

With everything going on around the world right now, this is a topic that must be addressed. At CAM we are committed to making a community that promotes diversity and we seek to develop those of any race, gender, culture, etc. We also make sure that all of our students have an equal opportunity to accomplish whatever they need using our resources. 

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21st Century Skills

Our mission is to develop and foster educational excellence and opportunity for all learners.  By offering scholarships and donations we are able to assist underprivileged students in pursuing STEM-related careers and make life-changing decisions. By getting started at a younger age, we hope, it will allow our students to become the pioneers of change in the future.

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“STEM Classes were always expensive and not available at my child's school. Thanks to CAM's scholarship my son was able to enroll in i-CAM to learn code and game design."


“CAM Educational Services has been very helpful during these times and, with their STEM focusing program, they help my kids to learn above and beyond compared to what textbooks can offer."

-Millbrae School District Teacher-

“At CAM Educational Services my daughter says there is never a moment where she feels alone and is always included to be able to have fun with others"

-Millbrae School District Teacher-

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Our Path Forward

We are making changes and taking action to build a better CAM experience for all

We have assisted more than 800+ families since CAM was founded in the northern peninsula area of San Francisco. Moving forward we are looking to expand our service to be able to serve more families in the future, specifically in the southern part of the Bay area, with more scholarships and donations to the less fortunate, and those who were impacted harshly by covid-19. ​

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