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Virtual i-CAM Topics

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CAM weekend workshops were created to introduce STEM learning to students early on in their academic career in order to prepare them for the careers of the future. Students will discover the fun possibilities in the world of technology while developing their skills in a wide array of topics.

Our Instructors guide students through a topic and explore it in more detail, allowing time for individual help as needed. At the completion of each workshop, your student will have designed, created, and/or coded their very own project ranging from a video game, electric circuit, digital art and more!


</Program Features>

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Fun & Engage

Our weekend workshops focus on learning through hands-on projects, making it as fun as possible for our students to boost their learning, and keep them focused longer by providing an engaging atmosphere!


Flexible Schedule

Our weekend workshop guarantees additional flexibility for our students. We offer both AM and PM sessions, along with in-person and virtual options for all of our programs 

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Expert Teacher

Our excellent team of instructors is qualified and experienced in childhood education. All of our instructors are passionate about teaching the next generation and love being able to interact with their students in such fun ways!

 </Workshop Schedule>

AM Session




Concept Learning

Snack Break

Hands-on Project

PM Session




Concept Learning

Snack Break

Hands-on Project

</Workshop Sessions>


3D Designing &

Age:  6 - 14

Date:  Oct 15, 2022

Category: Digital Art

Details: In this class Students will learn how use Tinker CAD and learn how to make their own 3D models.


Programming in Python

Age:  6 - 14

Date:  Oct 22, 2022

Category: Computer Science

Details: Students will learn the basics of the Python programming language, this will act as a great intro to the world of programming.

Sunset on Solar Panels

Renewable and Solar Energy

Age:  6 - 14

Date:  Oct 29 - Nov 26, 2022

Category:  Engineering

Details: Students will be learning different aspects of clean energy, and doing various projects such as wind-powered LED and solar-powered cars.

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Becoming a Youtuber

Age:  6 - 14

Date:  Dec 3 - 31, 2022

Category: Digital Arts

Details: In this month, students will learn the basics of video recording, video editing, and producing their own youtube content!

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