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Robotics Club

The Robotics Club will provide students with many things, such as knowledge of how electronics, automation, robotics, and AI work. Students will be working with hands-on projects in each session to provide them with a deeper understanding of this very physical part of the field of technology. At the end of every session, we plan on having some sort of competition where students can test their robots against each other. Robotics Club is built for grades 1st to 8th and has a class size of 15-25 students.


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Technology Class

Hands-on & Engaging!

</i-CAM> Robotic Club program is a fun and engaging way for your child to learn about robots and engineering! The program features fun technology-based classes such as building robots and coding!

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Flexible Schedule

Our Robotic Club is very flexible and tailored to your individual needs. We offer both AM and PM sessions to fit your schedule! We also provide a Saturday enrichment program so your kids can have fun over the weekend!


A Variety of


From the basic of robots to programming your own battle bots, we have a variety of topics that covers both engineering and computer science that builds an excellent foundation for your child's future!


Technology Class
The Basics of Robotics
Educational computer program
Programming for Robots
Kids in Technology Class
Robot Race
Circuit Board
Electrical Circuits
Building Robot
Using Sensors for Robots
Building a Robot
Maze Solving Robots
Building Robot
Small Robots
Engineering Robot Car
Pathfinding for Robots
Technology Class
Making a Robotic Arm
Building Robot Vehicle
Using Motors in Robotic
Computer Robot
Using AI in Robots
Human-like Robots
Programming for Electronics
Remote Controling Robot
Robot Soldier
Battle Bots
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