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About us

<i-CAM/> a.k.a. <i-Coding Academic Master/> provides the latest premium technology program for 1st through 12th graders to learn, experience, and be hands-on with the newest hardware and software.


Due to limited resources and knowledge of the latest technology, a majority of the tech schools only teach coding - and that's it. We observed that students from other coding camps and institutes would become bored or intimidated and want to quit coding in frustration.


We think this is a very big problem and want to make a change. 


Don't get us wrong, teaching students how to code is still going to be our main focus. However, to make coding more fun and interesting to students, we blend programing with the latest hardware and software to keep things fresh and engaging. These technologies include virtual reality , 3D printing, drone photography, robotics and game design.  

The Masterminds.

Steve L.

Chief Technology Officer 

Senior Software Engineer @ VMware, Inc.

Computer Science, M.S.  from UC- San Diego 

Miao Z.

Chief Financial Officer

Digital Art & Media, M.S. from USF

Asia Pacific Studies, M.A.

Winn C.

Lead Graphic Designer

& Brand Manager

M.F.A. Candidate from AAU 

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.10.45 AM.png
Christopher C.

Business Development Manager

Education, B.A. East Asian Studies from UC Irvine, MBA Santa Clara University

Nestor C.

Lead Curriculum Director

Senior Software Engineer @ Apple Inc.

Picture Day coming soon...
Justus C.

Chief Digital Media Editor


Master of Business Mgt Candidate from USF

Salma B.

Program Manager 

Computer Science, M.S. from UC-Berkeley 

Technology Instructor @St. Dunstan School

Corey H.

Program Development Strategist

& Lead Programming Instructor

42 Silicon Valley Alumnus

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