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Introducing the Brand-New

Virtual tech i-CAMp

In order to provid high quality service to all students, CAM Educational Services will switch to a hybrid/online learning experience. We hope to have this system rolling out and active as soon as possible while still providing the regular services that you expect from us, ie. Chinese Class, Small Tutoring Sessions,  i-CAM class.

The main focus of the CAM Educational Services Online Learning Environment is to provide the highest quality learning platform. We want to be able to have a system where minimal parent involvement is needed, while still achieving the same type of results as an in person system. We see that there is a need for an effective learning environment and we believe that this is where the future is heading.

How does it work?

At CAM Virtual i-CAMp we have two main components: 

LIVE online class and CAM Supply Drop.

While we see that there are multiple online tutoring services, we see that there is no real work being done with the students. We want to take that and improve on it, through the mix of live video feed as well as our own work packets that will go hand in hand.

We will be using ZOOM as our online class platform. By using ZOOM, our expert instructors can livestreaming and communicating with students during online session. Our specialties are homework tutoring, academic enhancement, as well as Coding, S.T.E.M., arts, crafts, cooking, and more!

In order to provide a better learning experience, we will be sending you a supply box every week that contains all the materials you need for the week. The supply box will be include: weekly acadmic matrials, weekly fun drop materials, weekly snack supplies, and weekly surprising price.

Live Video Experience


Micro Group


Brain Building

Weekly Fun Activities

Class Topic

Python Programming

Drone Photography

Game Designing

3D Designing

Web Development

















Mindfulness activity

Creative journaling

Brain Building 2 / i-CAM Session 1

Movement break

Brain Building 2 / i-CAM Session 2

Movement break

Screen free activity

Morning Recap / Review


Chore time

Brain Building 3 / i-CAM Session 3

Movement break

Brain Building 4 / i-CAM Session 4

Snack / Fresh air

Eye break / Screen Free activity

Daily Recap / Annoucement

Full day Virtual i-CAMp runs from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Half day session 1 runs from 9:00am - 12:00pm

Half day session 2 runs from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Virtual tech i-CAMp



We will be using ZOOM as our online learning platform. ZOOM is one of the best video conferencing services on the market. It is very straight forward and easy to use. We will be scheduling daily tutoring and activities sessions, and just by one simple click, your kids will have the most unique online learning experience.


How to Access Online Classes with ZOOM

You can download Zoom online here for free. Ensure that you download Zoom Client for Meetings,

Once you have downloaded Zoom, double-click on the file that you downloaded to run the installer. As Zoom is installing, it will look something like this:

After the installation has done, Zoom will automatically start, please click the "join a Meeting" button to join our online classroom.

Once you have clicked the “Join button”, a window like this will appear. We have our Meeting ID via email after you enrolled in an online class. To join the appropriate room, please refer to the welcome email that was sent to you.


Please ensure that, when you’re using Zoom, your screen name is set to your child’s name. This will make it easy for our tutors to know who is who.

Video Tutorial on How To Join Class from Your Email

We are using the common core system in our academic enhancement materials. Subjects will include language arts, mathematics, and mandarin Chinese

As one of the rewarding system, we will be preparing daily snacks for all our students. All snacks will be packed in a daily-small package.


We have prepared weekly activities for our students including S.T.E.M, Arts&Crafts, and cooking. All materials will be available for you in the mystery box.


For all students who are able to follow tasks and complete their works, we will be preparing a weekly price for them. students will only be able to access it at the end of the week.


What's Inside the CAM MYSTERY Box?

Our Brand new materials & rewarding System

To provide a better online learning experience for our students, we will be preparing a supply box for our students and ship it to your doorstep every week. The supply box will be included with weekly academic packets, activity materials, snack supplies, and a rewarding price.


Session & Pricing


Special discount offer for the first 8 registration in each session

Virtual i-CAMp per Day

Full day session 9am~4pm: $99 $79

Half day session 9am~12pm: $79  $59

Half day session 1pm~4pm: $79  $59

Virtual i-CAMp per Week

Full day session 9am~4pm: $389  $249

Half day session 9am~12pm: $279  $149

Half day session 1pm~4pm: $279  $149


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