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Scratch Game Development with Visual Coding

PROGRAM: Virtual Tech Camps | Weeklong


TOOLS: Scratch by MIT Media Lab

AGES: 7 - 12 (Must turn 7 by 12-31-20)

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner–Intermediate

PATH: Creative, Game Dev


Scratch Game Development with Visual Coding

Course Description:

Make the games you want to play come to life with Scratch, the drag-and-drop programming language. By using code blocks and sprites, you’ll create your own games and be able to spread it around the world. Developed by MIT Media Lab, this creative learning environment developed will make it easy and fun for you to enjoy the learning process while acquiring advanced STEM skills, fundamental in our tech-driven world.

Online Course Requirements:
Mac or Windows PC only
-Stable internet connection with access to Scratch 3.0 and Zoom Video Conferencing

In this course, you will:

  • Create variables and use arithmetic operators

  • Design and animate sprites

  • Utilize if-else statements and loops

  • Incorporate keyboard and mouse events into code

Your tuition includes:

  • i-Cam Certified Instructor

  • 10 hours of direct instruction, plus 10 hours of self-paced project development

  • i-Cam Micro-group™ (Max 5 students)

  • Official i-Cam diploma

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